We handle and specialize the following legal matters:-


1.   Commercial and company, including incorporation of companies in Hong Kong and abroad;

2.    Civil and Criminal Litigations;

3.   Trademarks, Designs, Patents and other Intellectual Property;

4.   Probate & Wills succession, and Tax planning;

5.   Conveyancing, Real Properties, Landlord and Tenant;

6.   Tax and Tariffs;

7.  Separation and Divorce, Deed Poll for change of name etc.;

8.   Insurance and Personal Injury;

9.   Certification and attesting of documents for use in PRC, including letters of authorization or powers of attorney.

10. Mediation & Neutral Evaluation (See below)



All our solicitors and registered foreign lawyers are well qualified and trained in their respective fields and the current lawyers are :


  • M.S.W. Lau BSc (Hons) AHKIA
  • C.H. Hong LLB LLM PRC Lawyer
  • David K.K. Ip B.Eng LLB Msc ACG HKACG   Trainee Solicitor


We act for and maintain account(s) with most of the leading banks in Hong Kong.


According to a survey conducted by Dr. G.Y.C. Mok on litigation lawyers in 2009-2010, the success or settlement rate on purely facilitative mediation after the commencement of court proceedings is less than 12%. However, the empirical study showed that the settlement rate is much higher, between 38% to 67%, if the mediator is a senior or leading lawyer (using the expert advisory mediation model) or the mediator adopted a combination of Facilitative/Evaluative Mediationor Facilitative/Settlement Mediationmodels.

In a nutshell, one may therefore conclude that purely facilitative mediation is ineffective and should be discouraged on, for instance, commercial disputes after the start of litigation process, otherwise it may be a waste of valuable time and expense.



Mediator & Evaluator



Name : Dr. G. Y. C. Mok

Qualification : PhD, MBA, CCMI, FCG, FCS, FAIA, FCMI, FCILEX, MCIArb., Barrister and Solicitor

Present Position : Senior Partner (Since 1986)

Firm Name : Messrs. George Y. C. Mok & Co., Solicitors

Firm Address :

  • 5/F, Yuen Long Trade Centre, 99-109 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long,  N.T., Hong Kong. Tel: 2475-9111 Fax: 2476-6722
  • 20/F., Shatin Galleria, 18 Shan Mei Street, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong. Tel:2770 6688 Fax: 2770 6611

Email  :    info@gycmokco.com.hk      Website: www.gycmokco.com.hk

Languages  :   Chinese and English                   

Proposed fee: HK$3,000 - 6,000 per hour    


Bond University and Academy of Law's intensive mediation training course (50 hours) in Hong Kong.


1983-86          Solicitor in charge of Yuen Long Branch of JSM (now known as Mayer Brown), Solicitors

1986-date       Senior Partner of George Y. C. Mok & Co., Solicitors

1987-date       Director of GM Commercial Consultants Corp.

1989-date       Chief Management Consultant to GM International Management Consultants Ltd.

2003-date      Chairman of Professional Publishers (Asia) Ltd.

2009-date      Chairman of Global Vintage Wines Centre.


 Ø Chairman of Appeal Tribunal (Buildings)

Ø Chairman and past Chairman/Adjudicator of several other Ad hoc Tribunals, e.g. Solicitors Disciplinary, for the past 12 odd years

Ø Dispute Resolution Adviser & Adjudicator on various commercial, employment, family, land and other misc. disputes over the past 25 years.

Ø Past Hon. Judge and Racing Steward of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Ø Author and writer of articles on mediation and other topics/books.

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