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Without Prejudice Negotiations

The District Court (Amendment) Ordinance
《2000區域法院 (修訂) 條例》

Uncontrollable Illegal Gambling

Conflict Of Interest – Horse Trainer or Trader
《利益衝突 練馬師或馬販?》

Corporate Governance – A Practitioner’s View

The Book of “Commercial & Legal Correspondence” Vol. 1 & 2

The Qualities of a Good Leader in the 21st Century

Wasted Costs Order

Recent Developments on Solicitor’s Liens

Doctoral research paper on Corporate Governance in Hong Kong : Effectiveness of Self-regulations in compliance

Corporate Governance : The Effectiveness of Self-Regulation

Discharge of Mortgage: The need to affix seal



Obtaining the Best out of Mediation



Simple Guide to Mediation in Hong Kong





French Wine Secrets



Investment in Fine Wines


Letter of Apology dated 29.7.2011 to GEORGE Y.C. MOK & CO.



    The New Companies Ordinance (Cap.622)


    Health Benefits for “Moderate Wine Consumption


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